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After our 120 years of professional practice we remain in good standing thanks to our commitment and steady effort to keep current.


We create innovating solutions that anticipate future needs of our clients


We seek to build long term relationships based on ethics and mutual trust. We endeavor to collaborate and make a valuable contribution to society with our pro bono and public service activities.

Five generations of lawyers have contributed to the highest standards of excellence in the selection of our team.

Agustina Davis 240x240

Agustina Davis

Agustina Davis 240x240

Agustina Davis


Andrés Dighero

Arturo Alessandri Cohn (2)-H240px

Arturo Alessandri C.


Carla Pacheco


Cristián Pérez B.

Cristobal Riffo-240x240

Cristóbal Riffo

Diego Morande H240px

Diego Morandé M.


Felipe Cousiño

Felipe Schuster-240x240

Felipe Schuster

Fernando Jamarne-H240px

Fernando Jamarne

Francesca Rodriguez-240x240

Francesca Rodríguez S.

Francisco Espinoza

Francisco Espinoza

Guillermo Correa-240x240

Guillermo Correa

Javiera Badilla-240x240

Javiera Badilla V.

Jose Manuel Urenda-240x240

José Manuel Urenda

Loreto Bresky-240x240

Loreto Bresky

Catalina Schaerer-240x240

M. Catalina Schaerer

Marcos Morales-240x240

Marcos Morales

Alejandra Chavez-240x240

María Alejandra Chávez T.

Pilar Chicago

María Pilar Chicago G.

Mariana Viera 240x240

Mariana Viera

Maricarmen Munoz-240x240

Maricarmen Muñoz

Mauricio Leon-240x240

Mauricio León C.


Nicolás Miranda

Raul Montero-240x240

Raúl Montero

Rodrigo Velasco Alessandri-H240px

Rodrigo Velasco A.

Rodrigo Velasco Santelices

Rodrigo Velasco S.

Sebastian Molina-240x240

Sebastián Molina

Sofia Haupt-240x240

Sofía Haupt H.

Carolina Bock-240x240

María Carolina Bock E.

Our consulting department provides highly specialized services through a comprehensive and unique financial, tax, legal and social security analysis and planning model especially designed for companies and individuals


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Innovation, responsibility and development to create new and successful Energy and Environment business models.

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